Welcome to our home!

Mefou primate sanctuary is at the heart of everything we do to protect Cameroon's endangered primates. Set in 1000 hectares of rainforest, our sanctuary is home to 8 groups of chimpanzees comprising more than 120 individuals, 4 groups of western lowland gorillas comprising 25 individuals, and 10 groups of monkeys, including a variety of guenons and mangabeys, mandrills and olive baboons.

Many of the species we care for are critically endangered in the wild, so the work we do is vital both from the perspective of caring for individuals impacted by human activities, but also from the perspective of preserving Cameroon's natural heritage for future generations.

Our sanctuary has grown significantly from very small beginnings in 1996 and is now a significant source of employment and income for the communities living around its borders. We now employ approximately 50 people, a large majority of whom come from local villages, and through our community outreach programs, we work to improve the lives of the people living closest to us. Our policy of buying the produce they grow to feed the animals in our care has proven very popular in recent years and contributes a significant amount of money to the local economy every year.

Map of Mefou (with thanks to Robin Huffman)

Visit Us!

With the exception of Christmas Day, our sanctuary is open year-round and we love to welcome visitors to Mefou to meet the amazing animals in our care. For more information about how to visit us please visit this page