Every year, we lose an area of tropical rain forest equal to the size of England. And every lost acre is home to a variety of plants and animals.

The main cause of deforestation is human activity. Loggers extract more trees than the forest can reproduce, destroying ecosystems and they build roads into the heart of the forest. The destruction of tropical forests means that many species, including chimps and gorillas, are on the brink of extinction.

Ape Action Africa is working hard with the Cameroon government and other NGOs to help with the huge conservation effort that is needed to reverse the downward spiral in populations of Cameroon’s magnificent great apes.

Conservation is a complex social, economic and political issue. In addition to providing a habitat for wildlife, forests are important ecosystems and provide many resources for people. Destruction of the forest, therefore, forces people to move elsewhere for food, shelter, and jobs, leading to greater poverty and social instability.

It is crucial that we work together with the local communities so that we all work towards a solution that brings chimps and gorillas back from the brink of extinction. Ape Action Africa’s education programme is a vital part of that process.