A vibrant and active education programme is a fundamental part of our work in Cameroon - the future of Cameroon’s great apes lies in the hands of the children of today.

Gorilla and chimpanzee meat is considered a delicacy by some people in Cameroon and the high prices that the meat now commands mean that hunting is not abating, even though it is illegal. It is essential that we work with the local communities to find different ways to grow food and generate an income - and this starts with our education programme in the schools and villages.

Our team of education officers works tirelessly with local children, teaching them about bushmeat, logging, conservation and other environmental issues…and all in fun and exciting ways for children to learn. They run nature clubs, visit schools and encourage children to learn using art, planting trees and other activities.

Trips to the forest

For many children, a trip to Mefou park to see the animals in our care is the first time that they will have seen a chimpanzee or a gorilla and we have an education centre in the forest which is a great place for kids to learn.

Community development