Things to do with the kids

  • Get baking with the kids, make and sell their favourite primate-shaped cookies or a cake based on some of our animal's favourite food… Banana bread, anyone?!
  • Carol Singing - Spread Christmas cheer, as well as our conservation message, and collect donations at the same time!
  • Invite your family and friends round to take advantage of your 'professional' car wash or dog walking service. As well as donating, they can spend their relaxation time reading about the incredible work we do in Cameroon and maybe even signing up as a long term supporter!
  • Invite your local community's younger members to get involved in an Easter egg hunt around the local neighbourhood. Get the older members of the community involved in hiding the treats in their gardens while raising their awareness of our charity's amazing work.
  • Give a history lesson with a Cameroon twist! Celebrate Cameroon's National Day (20th May)! by dressing in the striking green, red and gold colours of the flag and cooking up some delicious Ndolé while sharing the stories about the incredible work being completed in Cameroon's largest primate sanctuary! ;o)
  • Jewellery making! Join the women of our local village in making beautiful jewellery from recycled materials! Then sell them to your friends, family, and other supporters to raise money for our community initiatives - Read more about it here.
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party! Get the kids together and throw a tea party; madness is not obligatory but having fun and sharing stories about the youngest residents in Mefou is!
  • Sponsored Events - If your little one is a bit of a chatterbox who finds it quite a challenge, they could raise funds with a sponsored silence. Maybe they are a bit of a fish and would like to complete a swimathon. Just remember, whatever they do, they need to shout about the cause and their fundraising before or after the event!!
  • Set up a lemonade stand or tuck shop - Keep the neighbourhood in homemade lemonade or delicious cupcakes, so your neighbours can grab a treat while getting the chance to support a good cause. 

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