When Belabo, an olive baboon, first began suffering from an abscess above the front teeth of his upper jaw, our vet team began treatment with antibiotics. Although these were effective to a degree, the drugs failed to completely heal the abscess and further investigations into the cause of the problem began. Belabo was taken for x-rays, which revealed that he had a tooth in an abnormal position, within the roof of his mouth.

X-ray showing a tooth positioned horizontally in the roof of Belabo's mouth. 

The tooth had to be removed, and our vet team was faced with a very delicate procedure. An operation like this would usually involve breaking through the roof of the mouth but Dr. Julieta, assisted by vet technician Reine, was able to successfully access and remove the tooth via the abscess. We are very grateful to have such a skilled veterinary team!

Dr. Julieta at work. Image © Ape Action Africa / Tamara de Juana

Belabo and the tooth that was removed from the roof of his mouth. Image © Ape Action Africa / Tamara de Juana

Belabo is now being treated with painkillers and a course of antibiotics. He is making a good recovery and should soon be able to rejoin his troop in the forest. 

Banner image © Ape Action Africa / Ian Bickerstaff