Philanthropist and entrepreneur Eran Moas first became involved in Ape Action Africa’s primate rescue and conservation work in 1999. As a volunteer, he spent several months working with some of the chimpanzees in our care and during that time he confesses he fell in love with these amazing apes.

Moved by the plight of Cameroon’s endangered primates, Eran’s efforts to assist us did not end when family and work commitments meant that he was no longer able to volunteer his time. Instead, he became one of our most significant donors and began to champion Ape Action Africa within and beyond Cameroon’s borders, securing both funding for our work and recognition of its importance.

Ape Action Africa is a special place run by special people who sacrifice a great deal for the apes and monkeys in their care and for the conservation of endangered primates. The sanctuary relies entirely on donations, and I urge you to please give what you can to support the essential work that Rachel Hogan and her team are doing in Cameroon.

It is impossible to list all of the ways Eran has helped us to continue our mission, but his support has been vital to the survival of our organisation and many of our achievements have only been possible because of his efforts. As well as facilitating rescues and confiscations, donating vehicles, generators and supplies, funding enclosure builds, and assisting with basic running costs in times of need, Eran has also been instrumental in some of Cameroon’s primate conservation success stories. In 2019 he provided essential funds enabling us to carry out the first-ever return of a gorilla to the wild in Cameroon, and in 2020 he played a significant role in saving large areas of Ebo Forest from planned logging concessions.

In addition, Eran recognises that education and community engagement in primate conservation are absolutely vital, and he is committed to empowering the people of Cameroon to protect their endangered great apes and monkeys in the wild. As part of this commitment, he facilitated the payment of compensation to communities when our park was created, and he continues to invest in the local population through projects such as the construction of a school and health centre.

We are very lucky to have Eran as one of our Ambassadors and eternally grateful for everything that he has done and continues to do, to help care for Ape Action Africa’s rescued gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys, and to protect those who remain in the wild.