Thanks to our friends at PASA we are now also able to accept donations in cryptocurrency. You can donate FEG, ETH, BNB or BTC via the BitPay form found via the 'Donate Crypto' button below.

When making your donation, please ensure that you include 'For AAA' next to your name on the form so PASA can identify and allocate the funds to us .

Donate crypto

Donations can also be made on our behalf to the following wallets. Again, please make sure you identify the donation as being for AAA when using this method to donate.

  • To donate ETH (via Coinbase): 0x723345cd25f514a46B91684a2a2f01c47759728b
  • To donate BTC (via Coinbase): 3AF1dnxFbDapQthX2ntKqvuzD8D85VdWDu
  • To donate BNB (via Metamask): 0x2053161395728dFdCC31EC00D689270242dE4526

Thank you very much!