Our goal for all of the primates who end up in our care is for them to lead healthy, happy and secure lives at our sanctuary. To do this we make sure that individuals arriving at Mefou primate sanctuary are introduced to a family group as soon as is possible. Wild primates have very complex social structures and whilst we can't provide every element that they have lost of their lives in wild we can place individuals in forest enclosures with their own kind to allow them to develop new familial bonds.

Mefou primate sanctuary is currently home to four groups of western lowland gorillas, seven groups of chimpanzees, three groups of mandrils, three groups of olive baboons and a variety of groups of mangabey and guenon monkey species. We have more than 350 mouths to feed! If you would like to support us, please consider a small monthly donation. For just £3 you can feed one of our baby chimps for a day. Visit our donation page to help support our work.

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