Things to do at home

  • Get baking, make and sell your favourite primate-shaped cookies or a cake based on some of our animal's favourite food… Banana bread, anyone?!
  • Hair raising (or should that be hair erasing?!) ideas to generate funds for our orphans include a sponsored eyebrow or leg wax, beard or head shave… or all of the above!
  • Invite your family and friends round to take advantage of your 'professional' car wash or dog walking service. As well as donating, they can spend their relaxation time reading about the incredible work we do in Cameroon and maybe even signing up as a long term supporter!
  • Girls Night In - Bring your own bubbles and donate the equivalent of an entry fee to a club to Ape Action Africa!
  • Fundraising Fancy Dress! Why not celebrate one (or all!) of the holidays with some themed fancy dress? Snazzy, spooky, or silly, invite your friends round to celebrate the new year, Halloween, or just the fact that it's Saturday! Charge a small entry fee to the party and get the themed tunes playing all night long!
  • Jewellery Making! Join the women of our local village in making beautiful jewellery from recycled materials! Then sell them to your friends, family, and other supporters to raise money for our community initiatives - Read more about it here.
  • Crochet/Knit/Sew - Why not use your needle skills to raise money for our orphans? Decide what you'd like to make and then sell your unique items using an online site or set up a stall at a local market! Set up a Facebook page, put it on your Instagram Stories, tweet about it to raise awareness of your fundraising.
  • Ladies Day/ Ladies who lunch! Get your female friends together and throw a ladies day (or evening). The first challenge will be deciding which cocktails and canapés to have, followed by the challenge of deciding what to wear and then ask each guest to donate to our charity while you share some of the stories from our website!
  • Pamper Day - It's likely your friends love a bit of pampering, so why not plan a day that offers the break people need. Are you a trained beautician, masseuse, or hairdresser? Maybe pampering is more of a hobby? Why not have your friends over for a night in? You could even make your own vegan beauty products which will help keep guests entertained and your spending low.
  • Set up a lemonade stand or tuck shop - Keep the neighbourhood in homemade lemonade or delicious cupcakes, so your neighbours can grab a treat while getting the chance to support a good cause.
  • Make this a year to remember - What could you do for a year to make a difference? Doing something for 365 days shows ultimate dedication and is a sure way to encourage people to sponsor you. But what to do? How about walking dogs every day for a year and donating the money you make? Or how about giving something up for a whole year?

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