Nona was only hours away from death when she was rescued from a hunters' camp in the east of Cameroon. Wounded by the bullets that had killed her mother, she had been left for days without food or water, in pain and succumbing to infection. Nona was rescued just in time by our team and after months of rehabilitation, she survived and has grown into a beautiful, peace-loving young adult in a bonded social group of 8 other gorillas. You can see a clip of Nona's rescue on our YouTube channel.

When you come to check-out you can elect to 'go green' and have the adoption pack electronically, helping conserve our planet’s resources and minimise costs for Ape Action Africa, or have a printed version of the pack sent via the post.

If you would like to adopt Nona as a gift for a friend or family member please leave delivery details (name, email, address) for the recipient in the '