Little Larry

Born in April 2015 to one of our adult chimp groups, Little Larry had a difficult start to life. His mother Loko, having lost her own mother at a year old, didn’t know how to care for him and wasn't producing milk. A day after he was born, an incident occurred in the group which left the baby with serious injuries to his legs. To save him, we had to remove him from his family and with a lot of love and dedication, Little Larry is now thriving.

When you come to check-out you can elect to 'go green' and have the adoption pack electronically, helping conserve our planet’s resources and minimise costs for Ape Action Africa, or have a printed version of the pack sent via the post.

If you would like to adopt Little Larry as a gift for a friend or family member please leave delivery details (name, email, address) for the recipient in the '