Talapoin monkey Charles has settled into his new enclosure and become a favourite playmate for many of the monkeys in one of our guenon groups.

Charles came to Ape Action Africa earlier this year after being trapped in a snare and briefly kept as a pet. When his wound had healed and his quarantine period was completed, we introduced Charles to one of our monkey groups. His integration went very smoothly and he was readily accepted into the group.

Charles spends a lot of his time in the trees of his enclosure and, since talapoins are the smallest Old World monkeys, he isn't always easy to spot. Rustling leaves often signal his position as he enjoys playing chase and wrestling with some of the other monkeys in the group.

As with all of our rescues, it's incredibly sad that Charles was taken from the wild and had to endure the trauma of being snared and kept as a pet. We're pleased that his owner did the best for Charles in handing him over to us, and we're very happy to see him enjoying life in the forest again.

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πŸ“· Ape Action Africa / Jo Gaweda