Toshie, a baby moustached monkey, was orphaned towards the end of last year when her mother was shot for bushmeat. Though only a month old at the time, and therefore very vulnerable, Toshie was in good health and responded well to the care she received from our team. She has now been successfully integrated into our baby guenon group, where she is building bonds with the other young orphans.

When Toshie first met Sonny, Pollyanna and Beau, she was a little unsure about how to interact with these playful baby monkeys, but her confidence has grown a great deal. She's been learning how to groom her new friends and can now be found in the middle of most of the fun and games. She and Beau are particularly close and sometimes sleep together after a particularly tiring bout of play. We're really happy to see Toshie learning from and bonding with the other guenons, and we're sure her confidence will continue to grow. 

Toshie with Beau. Image © Ape Action Africa / Katerina Moraitis

Please note that monkeys are wild animals and should never be kept as pets. 

Banner image: Toshie resting in her hammock after a long day of play. © Ape Action Africa / Katerina Moraitis

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