When orphaned baby chimpanzee Ali arrived at Ape Action Africa, he was estimated to be only one to two months old. After being found in the possession of a poacher, who was also carrying the dead body of Ali’s mother, the tiny infant was confiscated by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and has been named after the eco-guard who rescued and cared for him until he was brought to our sanctuary.


Ali following his confiscation. Image © MINFOF Cameroon

On arrival, the baby chimp was generally in good health but had minor injuries to his head and leg which were most likely sustained during a fall when his mother was killed for bushmeat. These wounds are healing well, and Ali is receiving round-the-clock care from our dedicated team of expert caregivers. He very quickly bonded with his carers, and we’re extremely pleased with his progress and his enthusiasm for his milk!


Ali has had a tragic start to life but has now found safety at Ape Action Africa. He is extremely young and will require 24-hour care from our team for a considerable period of time. If you are in a position to do so, please support our work by donating. Every contribution helps us to care for orphans like Ali and to continue our vital conservation education programmes.

Images © Ape Action Africa / Tamara de Juana

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