Our dedicated team always carefully monitor the health and behaviour of our primates, and caregivers recently noticed that one of our agile mangabeys, a male called Mali, had developed a swelling under his eye. When the vets came to take a look, Dr Julieta suspected that a tooth infection may have been the cause of the problem, so the team prepared to carry out a dental check on Mali.

Agile mangabeys feeding. Image © Ape Action Africa / Ian Bickerstaff

Mali was anaesthetised and an examination of his teeth revealed that they were clear of infection, so the vet team drained the abscess under his eye, took samples for testing, and prescribed a course of antibiotics. We're still waiting for the results of some tests, and Mali will be kept under careful observation to check that the swelling does not return, but initial signs show that he is recovering well.

We have 280 rescued primates in our care, and costs for veterinary tests and medication can quickly mount up. With the park closed to visitors and volunteers because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's increasingly difficult for us to cover our basic running costs. If you can help to secure the future of our great apes and monkeys, please consider setting up a small monthly gift or making a one-off donation to our Caring through a Crisis appeal. Every contribution is hugely appreciated and we are very grateful for your support. 

Banner image © Ape Action Africa / Tamara de Juana