In May 2003 two baby gorillas arrived at Ape Action Africa. Nyume was only around 13 months old and Mvie just a little older at around 18 months of age. The young orphans had both suffered the same terrible trauma. Their families had been killed for bushmeat and, too small to be worth anything as meat, the two babies had been packed into a cardboard box as their captors tried to sell them into the illegal wildlife trade. Tired, terrified and dehydrated, the two girls clung to each other inside the box, covered in urine and diarrhoea.

Thankfully the babies were rescued, and after their arrival at Ape Action Africa, Nyume and Mvie were given round-the-clock care by our team. Their diarrhoea was treated but they still constantly clung to each other for comfort and reassurance. Over time they began to learn to trust their dedicated caregivers, becoming more relaxed and confident as weeks went by. 

18 years on and Nyume and Mvie maintain an extremely close relationship. Mvie is the dominant female in Shufai's group, and though Nyume is lower ranking Mvie is quite happy to share food with the friend she clung to as a baby. These two incredible gorillas, like all of the orphans in our care, suffered terrible trauma as infants, but it's a joy to see them enjoying life in the forest, where they belong.

Huge thanks to our team and all of our supporters who help us to provide a safe home for life for more than 280 orphans like Nyume and Mvie.

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