25 Years of Saving Endangered Apes in Cameroon

In July this year we celebrated our Silver Jubilee at Ape Action Africa - 25 years of rescuing and rehabilitating Cameroon's endangered gorillas and chimps.

24 orphaned gorillas and 123 rescued chimpanzees depend on us for food, veterinary care and a safe forest home. Thanks to support from our wonderful allies around the world, we've been able to provide orphans of the illegal bushmeat and wildlife trades with a second chance at family life in the forest with members of their own species for over a quarter of a century. Your compassion can keep our apes safe until the end of 2021.

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147 Apes Are Depending On Your Donations for Food & Shelter

The future of our orphaned gorillas and chimpanzees is secure until the end of November 2021 but we don't yet have enough funds to cover our running costs in December 2021

We need to raise $10,650 to provide our rescued primates with food, medicine and a safe home for one month.

Your donation today will go towards costs for December and help us to:

  1. Feed our endangered apes
  2. Provide the best veterinary care
  3. Maintain their forest enclosures

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Every Gift Makes A Difference To A Precious Life

No gift is too small, every dollar will have an impact on the ground at our sanctuary in Cameroon. Please stand with us and our primate family and give what you can. 

Give what you can

Don't forget that every donor and every dollar can also help us to win thousands more dollars in prizes on the day.

We give a heartfelt thanks from everyone at Ape Action Africa to our donors for taking action to keep our orphaned gorillas and chimpanzees safe in 2021; we are incredibly grateful for every single act of compassion and generosity.