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Help Feed Orphaned Gorillas

Mbailassem's mother was killed by poachers when he was less than a year old, and the trauma this baby had suffered before his rescue was painfully clear. Thanks to the round-the-clock care our expert team provided, he's now thriving. We can never replace Mbailassem's mother, but we're committed to giving him a safe forest home for life. Please help to give orphaned gorillas a second chance at life in the forest. Your gift will make a difference. Read more

The Road to Recovery

After two incredibly challenging years, throughout which and only with your help, we kept all 286 of our primates and dedicated team safe, we are now embarking on the next stage of our journey and we invite you to join us on The Road to Recovery! Read more

Buy A Gorilla A Dinner 2022

Buy a Gorilla a Dinner is back... and this time we brought friends! Read more