Caring through a Crisis

All of our rescued primates and our dedicated team in the forest remain well, and we are taking every possible precaution to make sure that they stay safe and healthy. However, the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on our funding, and your support is more crucial than ever before.

What impact is the COVID-19 crisis having on our income?

We are losing:

  • up to £5,500 a month because the sanctuary is closed to visitors
  • at least £1,000 every month because our volunteer programme is suspended
  • around £30,000 because large fundraising events have been postponed
  • tens of thousands of pounds because the crisis has also affected the income of some of our loyal major donors

Our financial reserves are diminishing rapidly, but your compassion can help to secure the future of the endangered gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys in our care.

What are we doing in response to this funding crisis?

We are working very hard on sourcing funds from emergency grants and on investigating potential new methods of generating income.

We have cut costs by suspending our education and community programmes and by putting construction projects on hold.

But we have to keep caring for our rescued primates, and we need your help to cover our basic running costs.

What can you do to help?

Regular gifts

You can make an impact by setting up a monthly donation. Your steady support will provide us with some security and help us to make solid plans to ensure the future protection of our rescued apes and monkeys.

Just £3 a month can provide milk for an infant chimp for a day, and every gift will make a very real difference to the lives of our primates.

One-off donations

Your support will help to provide care for our orphans during a particularly difficult time, and if you've ever considered a donation, now is the time to give.

Every penny counts and every single act of generosity has an impact on the ground in Cameroon.

How does your donation help?

Your compassion and generosity can feed our orphans, can provide these endangered primates with the veterinary care that they need, can maintain their enclosures to keep them safe in the forest, and can pay the salaries of our dedicated staff.

£100 can feed an adult gorilla for a month

£70 can feed a group of rescued monkeys for a week

£20 can provide an orphaned baby chimp with milk for a week

We know that these are challenging times for everyone, but if you are able to give, your support will help to protect the lives of endangered gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. We are hugely grateful for every act of kindness.


Banner image © Ape Action Africa / Amy Hanes