Why give today?

In 2021 - our silver jubilee year - the continued effects of the coronavirus crisis mean it is harder than ever before to find funds to feed and care for over 280 apes and monkeys here at Ape Action Africa. There has never been a more important time to give!

Help Feed Every Gorilla!

What can you do?

Donate what you can – whether it’s a little or a lot – to our Buy a Gorilla a Dinner appeal. Every pound will help to feed our orphans during this very challenging time and remember that your gift today will be doubled!

Thanks to the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), we are also able to accept gifts in cryptocurrency. Please use donation address 0x542ECAb35F70003401D9aD6909d4A3dbe7282494. You can donate FEG, ETH, BNB or BTC.

If you can’t afford to give, maybe your family, friends or colleagues can. Fundraise for our appeal and you could make a massive difference – providing care for our rescued apes AND raising awareness of our work.

How will your gift help?

Your generosity will help to provide food, medicines and care for our orphans at the most financially challenging time in our 25-year history!

£120 can feed all 24 of our rescued gorillas for a day.

£45 can feed Shufai's whole group for a day. 

£20 can feed Chris' group for a day.

£5 can feed Shufai for a day.

Who will you help?

24 endangered western lowland gorillas have found safety in our sanctuary. Here are a few of the individuals that your kindness will care for.

Clockwise from top left:


Year of rescue: 2004                                                Age: 16

Fact: Nona was only 3 weeks old when she was rescued during a raid on a poachers’ camp, and it’s a great testament to the skill of our staff that she survived the trauma of losing her family at such a young age. She has a very calm temperament and is one of the most popular apes on our adoption programme.



Year of rescue: 2013                                                 Age: 8

Fact: Chris is confident and curious and is the gorilla most likely to put his face in front of the camera if our team is trying to photograph anyone else! He’s reached an age where he is keen to start showing off his strength, but he’s still incredibly playful and loves wrestling with Bobga.



Year of rescue: 2004                                                 Age: 17

Fact: Ncarla is one of the more territorial females in Shufai’s group and the most likely to have a stick at the ready if anyone she doesn’t know well is in the vicinity of her forest enclosure. But when her trust has been earned, she’s a gentle individual and is fairly low ranking in her group.



Year of rescue: 2006                                                 Age: 15

Fact: In 2013 we had to make the difficult decision to amputate Shufai’s left arm due to complications arising from bullet wounds he received as a baby. Despite all he’s been through in his life, he’s grown into a stunning silverback and now leads his own group. He has many fans among our supporters and is extremely popular in our adoption programme.



Year of rescue: 2003                                                 Age: 19

Fact: Although she’s the dominant female in Shufai’s group, Mvie is very happy to share food with lower-ranking Nyume. The two girls were rescued in the same confiscation and both were only around a year old at the time. Nyume is rarely found far from Mvie’s side and they have an extremely close relationship.



Year of rescue: 2019                                                 Age:

Fact: With no other gorillas his age in our sanctuary, our youngest gorilla orphan Mbailassem has until recently only lived with infant chimpanzees. He’s now begun the process of meeting Bobga, Chris and Doumassi, who will be his new forever family and we can’t wait to see him building bonds and learning skills from the older gorillas.



Year of rescue: 2003                                                 Age: 19

Fact: Nyume, along with fellow orphan Mvie, was held by hunters for a month before the two babies were confiscated when their captors tried to sell them. Nyume’s strong bond with Mvie means she’s always got the back up of the group’s dominant female in any disagreement.



Year of rescue: 2009                                                 Age: 17

Fact: Bani was around 5 or 6 years old at the time of her rescue. She had somehow become separated from her family in the wild. She'd been caught and badly beaten before we were alerted to her plight and were able to bring her to the safety of our forest. She's now a high-ranking female in Shufai's group.



Year of rescue: 2018                                                 Age: 4

Fact: After his rescue Bobga was cared for by the fantastic team at our fellow sanctuary Limbe Wildlife Centre. In 2019 he was transferred to us to meet Chris and Doumassi, his forever gorilla family. Mbailassem is currently being introduced to their small group and we’re hoping that Bobga will make an excellent playmate for our youngest orphan.


Doumassi (centre)

Year of rescue: 2017                                                 Age: 9

Fact: Doumassi is named after a village where the young gorilla was often seen after she became separated from her group. Residents of the village became concerned about her safety following conflict in a nearby area and contacted us for help. Despite great efforts, we were unable to find her group, so she was brought to our sanctuary where she has formed a new gorilla family with Chris and Bobga.


If you’d like to dedicate your gift to a particular gorilla, please leave us a comment when you donate.


A silverback-sized thank you to each and every one of our allies for your compassion, kindness and generosity. We couldn’t keep our orphans safe without your support, and we are truly grateful for every single gift that we receive.