Please Help Us Buy 25 Christmas Gifts For The Sanctuary! 

Donate any time between 23rd November and GivingTuesday on 30th November, and our Christmas Elves will MATCH your donation (Up to £8,100)

Make this a Christmas to remember for our primates and dedicated staff! 

How will your donation be used?

  • For the essential and lifelong care of our orphaned and critically endangered gorillas, endangered chimpanzees and native monkeys.
  • To build new primate enclosures and maintain existing ones.
  • To buy essential items for our dedicated staff who care for our primates, 365 days of the year. 
  • To buy essential items for our vet clinic, to ensure we can keep our rescued primates healthy. 

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. It has become an independent nonprofit and a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Who are our Christmas elves?

A huge thanks to the following people/organisations for their incredible generosity: 

  • Twycross Zoo 
  • Friends of Ape Action Africa
  • MamaKaty
  • Vanessa Sparkes
  • Others who wish to remain anonymous!

Our Christmas Wish List

Essential medication for Samburu (read his story here)

£5 per week

Wellington Boots for our staff, who walk miles every day, while caring for our primates

£6 a pair

Overalls for our staff, for when they’re cleaning the primate’s overnight sleeping quarters

£10 a set

Coconuts - A firm favourite with the Gorillas!

£15 will buy each one of our 24 Gorillas a treat

Milk for our newest orphan chimp, Gwyn, for a week


Sardines - A firm favourite with the Chimpanzees, especially the gorgeous Bertie!

£22 will buy enough to treat each of our 124 chimpanzees

New wheelbarrows to carry food, around the park, to the primates twice a day, every day of the year

£25 each 

Dog Food - We occasionally rescue other kinds of animals, as well as primates and very often that means dogs. We are currently home to 12 rescued dogs, all with excellent appetites! 

£50 per 25kg bag

Food for our youngest gorilla, Mbailassem, for one month


Eggs - A firm favourite with all our primates!

£60 will buy enough to treat every one of our rescued primates

Vet Clinic - Vital anaesthetics for when we have to operate on one of our primates

£60 a bottle

Provide dedicated care for an infant ape, for one month


Ground Nuts - Another favourite of all our primates! 

£100 will buy 100kg,  enough to treat every one of our orphaned primates

Vet Clinic - A new blood pressure monitor with different size arm cuffs, to accommodate all sizes of primates, from the tiniest talapoin to the most gigantic gorilla! 


Provide expert rehabilitation for a gorilla for eight weeks


Vet Clinic - A new microscope, to enable our talented team to conduct medical investigations on site


A new play platform for the youngest primates in our care, the nursery group


Vet Clinic - Microchips to ensure every primate in our care can be treated as an individual. 

£320 will buy us 25 

Replacement construction equipment for our fabulous construction team, who do an incredible job with minimal resources - A new grinder & disks


Provide an infant primate with food, veterinary care and a safe forest home for six months


Construction of a visitor’s viewing house for a chimp or gorilla enclosure, to minimise destruction to the primates while educating our visitors about the plight of these primates in the wild


Vet Clinic - A multi-parameter monitor - To monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels during surgery


Provide an infant primate with food, veterinary care and a safe forest home for a year


Vet Clinic - A powerful operating lamp, for use in the veterinary clinic, during surgery


Rebuild our primate food storage building & refurbish the current primate food preparation area, to ensure our valuable primate food is kept clean and free from vermin


Please give what you can and make double the difference to our orphaned apes and monkeys this Christmas and beyond.


A huge thank you to every one of our Ape Action Africa allies. We hope you all have A Christmas to Remember!