Our fantastic supporter Edith Bowden, better known as "Stirrup", is turning 100 on the 1st of July and, in place of gifts to mark this milestone, she is asking for donations to her favourite charity - Ape Action Africa! We are really touched by this wonderful act of kindness and incredibly grateful to Stirrup and her family and friends for their compassion and generosity.

Unfortunately, Stirrup's birthday party has had to be postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, and she won't be able to mark this milestone with all of her family and friends. So we'd like your help to thank her for her support and to wish her a very happy 100th birthday!

Helping us celebrate Stirrup's centenary is easy - make a sign like the one below and then take a selfie of you holding the sign. Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please make sure that you tag us (@apeactionafrica) so that we can ensure your greeting reaches Stirrup. If you'd prefer, you can email us your photo here

We'd love to get at least 100 photos to send to Stirrup, so please encourage your family and friends to get involved too. You can share your photo and copy and paste the following text to use on your social media posts:

Edith Bowden, better known as "Stirrup", is turning 100 next month, but her birthday party has been postponed because of the coronavirus crisis. Help her celebrate her special day by posting a centenary selfie and tagging @apeactionafrica. And if you'd also like to donate a few pounds to her favourite charity, visit her appeal page at www.apeactionafrica.org/stirrup.

Huge thanks to everyone who is kind enough to get involved. We hope it's not too long before Stirrup is able to celebrate her centenary with all of her loved ones. Happy 100th Birthday, Stirrup!

We're facing a funding crisis because we are closed to visitors and volunteers. If you'd like to celebrate Stirrup's special day with a small gift to support our work, please donate to her appeal here. Every contribution makes a huge difference, and just £3 can buy milk for one of our orphaned baby chimpanzees for a day. Thank you!