In 2004 Nona was rescued during a raid on a hunters' camp. She was found in a hut, surrounded by the bodies of dead monkeys. The flesh of her mother was being smoked outside. She was only 3 weeks old, covered in flies and near starvation. We didn’t know whether she would survive. But Rachel Hogan and our team were determined that she would. Nona received 24-hour expert care and began to recover, both physically and psychologically.

Nona’s rescue video below contains some graphic scenes, but this is the reality of the illegal bushmeat trade.

Nona has grown into a smart, gentle and beautiful adult. She rumbles a greeting to her caregivers and sings when she knows she’s about to receive some of her favourite foods. She’s an extremely calm gorilla and one of the easiest to catch on camera as her inquisitive nature means that she likes to check out what our team are up to when they visit Shufai’s enclosure.

If you’d like to make a difference to this incredible gorilla in the run-up to our 25th anniversary, you can adopt Nona for just £30 a year. You’ll receive her photo and biography, a certificate of adoption and an annual update. Huge thanks to all those who have already become part of our forest family by adopting Nona. We know she has a lot of fans across the globe and we’re hugely grateful for all of your support.

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