Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help us extend the enclosure for one of our most recent rescues, Beni the Congo clawless otter. The appeal raised £275, which will allow us to provide orphaned Beni with more space, a bigger pool and some platforms to explore. Beni, who arrived at our sanctuary after his mother was killed for bushmeat, continues to grow and make great progress. We're looking forward to seeing him enjoy his new home, and we are very grateful to our supporters for helping us to provide him with the best possible care. Thank you!

Please note: Congo clawless otters are categorised as 'Near Threatened' by the IUCN, and their numbers are decreasing in the wild due to hunting for bushmeat and fur, habitat loss and overfishing. All otters are wild animals and should never be kept as pets.

Image © Ape Action Africa / Tamara de Juana

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