At only around 10 months old, and like all of the babies that arrive at our sanctuary, Mbailasem has had a tragic start to his life. We don't know exactly how he lost his family, but it's likely that they were slaughtered for the bushmeat trade.

Gorillas are extremely sensitive animals and although Mbailasem was in relatively good physical condition on arrival, he was extremely fragile emotionally. His dedicated caregivers have been with him around the clock and as he settles into his new home he is getting stronger and happier every day.

Mbailasem's name means 'God help me', and he is named after Mr Appolinaire Mbailasem Ndohoudou, our amazingly dedicated Controller, and most experienced gorilla caregiver.

It's tragic that another baby gorilla has been orphaned, but we're very grateful to have such devoted staff and a wonderful community of supporters to help us rescue and care for these endangered primates. If you can help us, please donate today help make sure that Mbailasem and others like him can have a safe and secure future.

πŸ’šThank you