Rescued chimp Kam found safety at Ape Action Africa in 2018. Kam, like all of our orphans, had suffered the horror of losing his family to poachers. But this resilient little chimp is a fighter, and very soon after his arrival, he was charging around the forest like a baby bulldozer. His endless energy kept his caregivers very busy! Once his quarantine period was complete, he was introduced to our baby group where he delighted in meeting some chimpanzee playmates and was thrilled to have Noah to wrestle with.

Kam became fearless in the forest and by 2019 his independence from his caregivers showed that he was ready to move on and join Samburu’s group. The integration progressed smoothly as Kam quickly reacquainted himself with former playmates and built bonds with older group members like Daphne and Little Larry, who he often sought out for reassurance as he got to know his new forest home.

Kam and Little Larry © Ape Action Africa / Alex Benitez

Kam settled easily into the group and, as time has passed, he has become one of the individuals who offers a reassuring touch to younger orphans. When Sandie joined the group earlier this year, it was heartwarming to see the boisterous little boy reach out a hand to calm her or to groom her as she got used to her new surroundings.

Kam grooms Sandie © Ape Action Africa / Jo Gaweda

A lot has changed for Kam in the 3 years since his rescue, but he’s still very young and some things remain the same, like how he loves rolling on his back when he’s feeling playful! He’s grown into a confident and caring young chimpanzee, and though we can never replace the families that our orphans have lost, we’re proud that Kam is thriving in our forest with members of his own species.

Kam 2018 and 2021 © Ape Action Africa / Alex Benitez & Jo Gaweda

It costs on average £1.053 to care for each of the 285 individuals who have found safety in our sanctuary. If you love what we do, please donate to help us feed and care for our orphans in 2021 – the year we celebrate our Silver Jubilee but also the year that we are struggling more than ever before to pay for food, veterinary care and essential maintenance. The continued effects of the coronavirus pandemic mean that we need more help and we need your help. Please give what you can. Every act of kindness is hugely appreciated.

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Banner image © Ape Action Africa / Alex Benitez & Jo Gaweda