Bobo has always had a calm and gentle nature. Rescued in 1999 after being orphaned by the bushmeat trade, Bobo was introduced to fellow orphans Kibu and Nkamun, who were then joined by three young females Gerry, Jasmine and Avishag. While Kibu and Nkamun could be a little rough with the girls growing up, Bobo earned their loyalty with his kind, fair and protective manner and so became the dominant silverback of the group.

Bobo relaxing in his enclosure. Image courtesy of Ian Bickerstaff.

In 2018 people all over the world watched our gentle giant when our video 'Bobo and the bushbaby' went viral. Caregivers found Bobo cradling the tiny primate one morning and the bushbaby showed no fear of Bobo, repeatedly hopping onto the grass and then coming back to the silverback. The other gorillas in the group were curious about their visitor but Bobo protectively kept the bushbaby to himself and, after a couple of hours, returned him to the trees in the enclosure.

As we rapidly approach our 25th anniversary, now just a few days away, we'd like to thank everyone who has helped us provide a home for over 280 curious, social and intelligent rescued apes and monkeys. Your support enables us to provide these orphans with a second chance at life in the forest with new families and we are incredibly grateful to all of our Ape Action Africa allies.

If you'd like to join our birthday celebrations, we will be livestreaming from the forest on July 16th. For the chance to chat to some of our team, join us on Facebook from 5 - 6pm (UK time).

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