How much does it cost to run Mefou primate sanctuary?

It costs approximately £300,000 per annum to run the sanctuary. Our major costs are animal food and salaries for our team in Cameroon. There are no salary costs outside Cameroon as all the administration of the charity is managed by volunteers.

We have a lot of mouths to feed and medical bills to pay for and we are very appreciative of all the support we receive from donations and volunteers from around the world.

We are a small charity and raising the money to fund the sanctuary effectively is hugely difficult, particularly in the current economic climate. We, therefore, need your support more than ever to help us to continue the work that we do in Cameroon.

Covering our running costs every year is a major challenge, so if you are able to donate to our work, please visit this fundraising page and help us achieve our target for the next year.

Ape Action Africa is a registered charity in both the UK and the USA. You can find further information about this in the footer of each page on our site.

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