Our fantastic supporter Edith Bowden, better known as "Stirrup", is turning 100 on the 1st of July and, in place of gifts to mark this milestone, she is asking for donations to her favourite charity - Ape Action Africa!

We are greatly touched by this wonderful act of kindness and incredibly grateful to Stirrup for her compassion and generosity.

If you'd like to celebrate Stirrup's centenary with a donation to support our work, your gift will help us to care for the 280 endangered gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys who have found sanctuary at Ape Action Africa.

  • £100 can feed a critically endangered gorilla for a month
  • £70 can feed a group of rescued guenon monkeys for a week
  • £20 can buy milk for an orphaned baby chimpanzee for a week

Every contribution makes a very real difference on the ground in Cameroon, and we are hugely grateful for your support during these very challenging times. Thank you!

Happy 100th Birthday, Stirrup!