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Thank you for supporting us by visting our adoptions page. We are taking our adoption program offline for a while to make a few improvements. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will be back in April 2018. 


What if I want to help?


There are still lots of ways to help our chimps, gorillas and monkeys. You make make a one-off donation on our donation page or setup a monthly gift. Alternatively you can make a purchase from our online clothing and gift store. Thank you so much for your support!
































Adopt an Ape

We have over 350 primates in our care, including 110 chimps and 20 gorillas, and they all need food, shelter and medicines. Chimps and gorillas can live for 40/50 years so we have a long term commitment to them.….and you can help us take care of them by adopting one of our orphans and becoming involved in their lives with regular updates, watching them grow into their new family groups.

For £30 or $50 per year, less than 60p a week or $1 a week, you can get directly involved in conservation and make a difference where it counts. You can give the great apes a future. 

You will receive:


  • A biography and photo of your adopted animal

  • A certficate of adoption

  • An annual update on your adopted animal

  • A subscription to our e-newsletters

  • The personal reward of making a difference to an individual ape

And if you’re struggling to find a gift for someone, an adoption is a great idea!  


Click on their names in the menu above to meet our apes and decide who to adopt, then complete our online adoption form


If you have any queries about adopting one of our apes, email us at adoptions@apeactionafrica.org and we'll get back to you.

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Helping Endangered Primates in Cameroon